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Love Is Forever. Helping others is life’s true meaning.

Emily Shannon Fu is Xiaosong Wang and Dr. Qian-Jie Fu's beloved daughter.

She was born on May 2, 2006 and she was granted her angel's wing on May

28, 2012. Emily was a beautiful, smart and lovely girl. She was the youngest

child in the family, and she has been and will always be the jewel of her

family, the princess to her parents and brother.

Emily is a born vegetarian. Early on, Emily was quite shy, but she had grown to

be very friendly and outgoing, hugging her family tightly, and sharing her toys with friends.

By age six, she was already a world traveler, having visited many places in the United

States and abroad, including London, Paris, Stockholm and China. Emily attended several

schools, dance classes, and music classes.

The Fu family had a very happy and fulfilling life with Emily, and looked forward to a lifetime

with her. It's nearly impossible to accept all that has happened. Of course, the whole family

is in great pain and misses her terribly, more than any words can ever express. But losing

Emily also changed the family. The family came to realize that life on earth is temporary, no

matter how long you lived; love can be forever. This simple realization dramatically changed

the priorities of the family.

The Fu family realized that while Emily had a happy childhood, filled with joy and learning

and beauty, she never had the opportunity to grow and contribute to society, a goal that all

human beings share. The Fu family wanted to do this for her, to allow her to contribute.

Since much of the time and energy had been devoted to Emily while she was alive, the

family decided to put that same effort into the Emily Shannon Fu Foundation, a non-profit

organization dedicated to honoring their dearest daughter and to make it possible to

remember Emily in their daily life and work.

The Future Goals and Projects of the Foundation:

The long-term goal of the foundation is to provide assistance to hearing-impaired people as

well as speech and/or language delayed children all over the world. The first major project

has been the development and release of the Angel Sound auditory rehabilitation, which is

currently targeted at adult and teen cochlear implant patients and hearing aid users. The

foundation is expanding Angel Sound to include training modules for pediatric implant

patients, training in different languages, training for music, etc. Angel Sound (and many

related software programs) is freely available for anyone to use. Auditory rehabilitation is

both scarce and expensive for many cochlear implant and hearing aid patients. The Angel

Sound software allows patients to train at their own pace, at their convenience, in the

comfort of their home. This project is the first step for the foundation, and it is a great

comfort in knowing that the great sadness can be transformed into something that can

benefit others in need.

About Emily Shannon Fu Foundation: